Tarhuna: 294 bodies found in mass graves since fall of Al-Kaniyat

Since the fall of Al-Kaniyat militias – a family militia surnamed Al-Kani based in Tarhuna  65 kilometers to the southeast of Tripoli – atrocities started to unfold in the city, especially the day-to-day discoveries of mass graves.

According to the Libyan General Authority for Searching for and Finding the Messing, 51 mass graves have been unearthed in 14 months since the defeat of Haftar and his militias as well as mercenaries in western Libya by the legitimate Libyan Army forces.

According to the authority, 188 bodies were found in the 51 mass graves, while 106 other decomposed bodies were found at the morgue in Tarhuna Hospital, thus bringing the total of bodies discovered in a span of 14 months to 294.

Al-Kaniyat fled to eastern Libya after the defeat of Haftar. Al-Kaniyat militia leader Mohammed Al-Kani who is responsible for the atrocities of mass graves in Tarhuna, was killed in Benghazi by pro-Haftar militia forces.


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