The Audit Bureau and the Brega Oil Company discuss countering fuel smuggling

The head of the Libyan Audit Bureau, Khaled Shukshuk, reviewed with the head of the Brega company the procedures taken by the Brega company to reduce fuel smuggling, during a high-level meeting between the two institutions.

According to the Audit Bureau, the meeting included a project proposal regarding an automated system that deals with tracking, controlling, and monitoring the process of selling and distributing fuel to stations, ensuring its direct delivery to beneficiaries.

The project aims to effectively monitor fuels, eliminate smuggling, preserve national wealth, provide fuel in remote areas, control smugglers, and take necessary measures against them in which all relevant parties are responsible for their tasks.

Shukshuk emphasized the need to implement the fuel distribution monitoring project as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of depleting state resources due to continued smuggling.

The meeting was attended by the Director of Supplies Management at the National Oil Corporation, the head of the Information Authority, and specialized departments in the Audit Bureau.


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