The German Ambassador meets with the Presidential Trio separately

The President of the Presidential Council, Mohamed Menfi, met with the German ambassador to Libya, Michael Unland, to discuss the importance of supporting and reconstructing the city of Derna and the affected areas due to floods. The meeting occurred in Tripoli during Unland’s tour of the country following the flood disaster.

In addition to discussing the disaster in Derna, the two sides reviewed the political situation in Libya and ways to end all transitional stages and achieve consensus among the parties participating in the political process to reach elections as soon as possible.

Deputy President of the Presidential Council, Musa Al-Koni, also discussed with Unland the latest developments in Libya, ways to end transitional stages and work with the UN envoy to achieve consensus among different actors and stakeholders.

The meeting addressed how to unify efforts to rebuild Derna through a fund or an authority overseeing the reconstruction process. The need to rebuild Murzuq city was also discussed. Deputy President of the Presidential Council Abdullah Al-Lafi also discussed with Unland similar files in a third meeting, stressing the need to unify efforts to rebuild Derna.


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