The Guardian: Hundreds of Sudanese mercenaries have recently joined Haftar’s forces

Hundreds of Sudanese mercenaries have joined the fighting alongside Khalifa Haftar’s forces over the last months, The Guardian has reported.

The report says there are at least 3000 Sudanese mercenaries now in Libya; a number significantly larger than previous estimates.

Reporting Sudanese leaders fighting in Libya, The Guardian said the new wave of the mercenaries included hundreds of recruits, some of who fought against Omar Al-Bashir regime in Sudan.

The Guardian added that such a development deepens concerns that the conflict in Libya has descended into an intractable international war that could destabilize much of the region.

The recent UN panel of experts’ report has disclosed that mercenaries fighting for Haftar’s forces included 500 from the Sudan Liberation armed group and 600 from the Gathering of Sudan Liberation Forces.

The UN report also documented that 700 mercenaries were from Chadian Tanawib and Wifaq Front, let alone the 1000 mercenaries who were sent by the Sudanese Rapid Support Forces of the Sovereignty Council led by Mohammed Daglo (Hamitti).


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