The HoR prepares to convene in Sabratha

As Libya expects a new stage of its political future to begin, the municipality of Sabratha stands witness to the age as it hosts a unifying parliamentary session that is set to discuss its presidency and bylaws.

The members of the House of Representatives (HoR) in the east started pouring into the city on Saturday night. Senior officials including local mayors, local council members, and representatives from the Tripoli-based HoR welcomed some of the members of the HoR in Zwara International Airport.

Zwara’s mayor, Edris Al-Twiny, welcomed the HoR members on Saturday wishing them luck. He called them to “carry out their historic responsibility as the country goes through difficult circumstances to provide the appropriate atmosphere for holding the general elections scheduled next December and lay the foundation for the desired civil democratic state of Libya.”

Zwara Security Directorate participated in receiving Tobruk-based (HoR) and securing the arrival and departure of the delegation from Zwara airport to Sabratha to prepare for the special session to be held on Monday.

The HoR member, Aisha AL-Tbulgy expected 100 members at least to arrive in the city. She explained that a minimum of 68 members should attend to complete the legal quorum.

The session should be headed by the HoR speaker or the first or second deputy or the oldest member if the speaker couldn’t attend.

Another HoR member, who preferred not to be named, said that the United Nation Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) wouldn’t recognize any entity created in Libya without the HoR speaker’s presence.

The UNSMIL stated that the speaker’s absence, first and second deputies is illegal and incorrect procedure that will result in authority division in Libya again, noting that it supports efforts to unify the Libyan institutions.


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