The Libyan-American Alliance launches a new legal initiative against Haftar

The Libyan-American Alliance is preparing to launch a new legal initiative to convict Khalifa Haftar, his son Saddam, and the commander of the Tariq bin Ziyad brigade Omar Marja, for committing war crimes and human rights violations since 2014.

The head of the Alliance, Issam Omeish, explained in a statement to Libya Al-Ahrar that the initiative was presented to the Human Rights Committee at the US State Department, which will decide on the conviction.

Omeish pointed out that he is seeking to issue sanctions against the accused under the framework of the Global Magnitsky Act, including seizure of property and prohibition from entering the United States territory.

The Libyan-American Alliance is also pursuing Khalifa Haftar in the United States courts on charges of his responsibility for the bombing of the military college in the capital, Tripoli, on January 4, 2020.


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