The Meteorological Center Spokesman predicts changes in the sandstorm during the current week

The National Center of Meteorology expected the sand storm to end gradually in the east as of Tuesday evening, with stability in the atmosphere starting on Wednesday which will be followed with a drop in temperatures to approximately 20 degrees.

The Center’s spokesman said in a statement to Libya Al-Ahrar that the weather is heading towards stability, especially in the cities of Ajdabiya and Benghazi, while the far eastern regions continue to witness strong winds, lack of visibility and high temperatures.

The Center also expected the arrival of a new, less severe desert storm on Friday and Saturday in western Libya.

On Monday and Tuesday, the east and south of Libya witnessed sharp weather fluctuations represented by dry southeasterly winds, sometimes exceeding 60 km/h, carrying dust, which led to a significant decrease in visibility and a noticeable rise in temperatures.


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