The Netherlands calls for unveiling truth about Tarhouna mass graves in Libya

The ambassador of the Netherlands to Libya, Dolph Hogewoning, said on Twitter that the embassy called for revealing the truth about mass graves that had been discovered over the last two years in Tarhouna and its suburbs, adding that the Dutch human rights ambassador Bahia Tahzib-Lie visited the sites in Tarhouna and discussed the issue with the victims association in the city. 

Hogewoning said Tahzib-Lie was deeply affected by the horrific atrocities she had witnessed there, and stressed the importance of exposing the truth, seeking reconciliation, and administering justice, saying the Netherlands extended sincere gratitude to the Tarhouna Victims Association for their courage in sharing their experiences and personal needs. 

“Asking them to reveal the truth about the fate of their loved ones is undoubtedly their right. We call for justice and healing. We praise the efforts made by the Libyan entities, including the mass graves committee, forensic doctors, and other institutions.” Hogewoning said.


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