The Russian embassy responds to an Italian newspaper report on Russian fighter planes near Libya

The Russian Embassy in Libya denied the presence of Russian fighter planes on the island of Djerba in Tunisia, which neighbors Libya, in response to what was published by the Italian newspaper La Republika.

The Embassy described the Italian newspaper’s article as “an attempt to create horror stories about Wagner, to frighten the inexperienced reader with the idea of ​​the presence of fighter planes near Libya,” as it put it.

The Embassy claimed that the media in the United States and Europe had recently begun systematically publishing excerpts about Wagner in a matter that seemed to be coordinated.

It also stated that it considered these reports “notorious,” based on fabrication and a mixture of half-truths and lies under the guise of independent investigations.

Moreover, the excerpts said that what was stated in the newspaper’s report is a lie and falsification, and a complete lack of respect for the reader, whether in Italy or abroad, according to its description.

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported on the presence of Russian warplanes at the airport on the Tunisian island of Djerba, which is located 150 kilometers west of the Libyan border.


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