The Sports sector’s role following the Storm Daniel crisis

Libyan sports federations and clubs expressed their solidarity with the people of eastern Libya affected by floods, as well as the Olympic Committee which extended its condolences to the affected residents.

The Libyan Football Federation issued a statement declaring its support for the affected individuals. Additionally, Al-Akhdar Club announced mourning for the souls of the martyrs who lost their lives due to the floods. Meanwhile, clubs such as Al-Ittihad and Al-Ahli Tripoli, Al-Ahli Benghazi, and Al-Mourouj published posts expressing solidarity and support.

The clubs launched admirable donation campaigns to support the victims of the storm affected areas, especially Derna. Al-Ittihad Club and the “Teeha Boys” utlras provided assistance and donations to the affected areas in the east. Additionally, Al-Ahli Benghazi Club opened its doors for donations to the people of the affected mountain regions and cities. Al-Ahli Tripoli Club also prepared a medical convoy to assist the injured in the affected areas. The club announced coordinating a charitable campaign supervised by the supporters’ association of Al-Swehly Sports Club, as a support and solidarity with the ‘beloved east’, to alleviate their suffering.

Several players from the Football Premier League also launched a campaign called “With You, Derna” in solidarity with the victims of the city and eastern Libya in general. The purpose of this campaign was to stand with those affected by the floods that have left many families homeless. The campaign aimed to provide temporary housing, while others have taken responsibility for providing medical supplies.

Athlete Ali Amadou launched the “South Libyan Players and Coaches” campaign to support people in the storm struck east. The campaign received support from all South Libyan athletes, as they collected aid and donations for the affected eastern regions to help those injured in the affected areas.

A voluntary blood donation campaign was launched at the headquarters of the Libyan Olympic Committee at the Olympic Academy in Tripoli. Members of the Libyan Olympic Committee’s board of directors, as well as employees, athletes, and administrators from sports federations participated in the two-day campaign. The campaign was held in cooperation with the University Hospital and the Libyan Anti-Doping Committee.


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