The Supreme Court responds to HoR regarding consideration of constitutional appeals

The General Assembly of the Supreme Court expressed its strong condemnation and astonishment at the language in the letter of the House of Representatives (HoR) regarding what it called its selectivity in considering appeals.

In response to a letter to the HoR, the Supreme Court said that publishing inaccurate information to undermine the judiciary in general constitutes a crime punishable by law, denying what was stated in the HoR’s letter regarding the number of constitutional appeals.

The Court repeatedly affirmed its commitment to the principle of separation of powers and demanded that everyone adhere to it as it is one of the established principles in all constitutions and should not be violated.

The Supreme Court indicated that the number of constitutional appeals since it was established in 1954 did not exceed 200 appeals, in addition to the fact that the adjudication of cases is governed by the availability of legal conditions and requirements.


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