Third-day confidence session for Libya’s GNU convenes in Sirte

The member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Mohammed Al-Raeid, told Libya Alahrar TV on Wednesday morning that the third-day session for granting confidence to the Government of National Unity of Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah had started.

On Tuesday evening, the HoR suspended the second day of the confidence-granting session in Sirte for more deliberations and for Dbeibah to complete his GNU line-up.

The second-day session Tuesday saw the Prime Minister-elect present his GNU line-up to the HoR Speaker and members and respond to a number of questions from the MPs.

Dbeibah told the HoR that he could present the names of the cabinet immediately and if anyone wanted to object to any name in the line-up, they can do so quickly and he would replace the incumbent if 40 members agreed on the objection.

He also said, answering an MP question, the Libyan-Turkish agreement is for the benefit of the Libyan people and state, which gained a very good share of its rights of gas in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In the meantime, the Speaker of the HoR called on Dbeibah to present the final GNU line-up Wednesday to carry out the vote of confidence.

Saleh added that there were talks about some of the names on Dbeibah’s list being wanted for the Public Prosecutor’s Office and others obtaining fake education certificates, adding that Dbeibah should form the GNU by his own free will.


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