Tobruk-based Parliament wants Egyptian Army to intervene in Libya

Libya’s Tobruk-based parliament has called on Egypt to directly intervene in the country’s conflict to push back against Turkey’s support for the UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli.

On Monday, the House of Representatives – based in Tobruk – warned that Egyptian support was needed to counter what it described as a Turkish intervention in the country.

In a resolution approved by the HoR, the MPs called on “Egyptian armed forces to intervene to protect the national security of Libya and Egypt if they see an imminent danger to both our countries”.

The new call underscores the growing stakes in Libya, where battle lines solidified earlier this month near the city of Sirte, after the GNA and Turkey drove warlord Haftar’s militias back from over a yearlong aggression on Tripoli.


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