Tripolitanian Society calls for withdrawing UNSMIL over constitution draft snub

The Tripolitanian Society has condemned what the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) is planning with those who back the return of military rule, adding that the UNSMIL is working to abort 17 February revolution and the right of Libyans to decide on the fate of their country.

Tripolitanian Society said in a statement Tuesday that UNSMIL was steering the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum to agreement on holding elections without approving the constitution.

“This is a deliberate avoidance of the constitution draft and constitutional declaration, which UNSMIL was trying to replace by a dubious constitutional basis that is being prepared to fit a certain personality,” the statement said, referring to Khalifa Haftar, who more than once announced coups against legitimacy.

The society rejected the UNSMIL control over the Libyan political process, excluding Libyans from decision making in building a democratic state of laws and constitution, demanding the UN withdraw its mission from Libya as its work had been undermining and underestimating Libyans’ true will.

It said that December 24 deadline for elections is not sacred, adding that it is a way to get rid of those who held on to their posts at the legislative authority without any achievements.

“We won’t accept elections based on the constitutional basis. Any elections that will be held now will be a way of fait accompli. Thus, elections will be altogether rejected.” Tripolitanian Society said.


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