Tripolitanian Society: No presidential elections without a constitution

The Tripolitanian Society indicated in a statement on Wednesday that there can be no presidential elections in Libya without an agreed-upon constitution by the Libyan people, adding that any movement away from consensus would be an effort to bring back dictatorship to Libya.

The Society said the flawed laws of elections issued by the House of Representatives are invalid and rejected altogether as they aren’t the result of consensus as per the political agreement and because they haven’t been passed by the required quorum, let alone not being based on a constitution that has been agreed on in a referendum by the people or a valid constitutional basis.

The Society said the High National Elections Commission became biased after adopting the unilateral HoR laws for elections and made itself a part of the conspiracy plotted by some HoR members with orders from foreign countries, adding that UNSMIL and stakeholders which are pushing now for presidential elections can cause a new war in Libya amid the continuous rebellion of eastern Libya region against the Government of National Unity that is still unable to control all of the country.

The Tripolitanian Society called for parliamentary elections based on the constitutional declaration to have a new House of Representatives that can then pass the law for a constitutional referendum and then the constitution can lead to the election of the head of state based on regulations, legislations and laws agreed upon by lawmakers and the people.


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