Tunisia backs up Libyan-Libyan solution that leads to elections

The Tunisian Foreign Minister, Nabil Ammar, has renewed his country’s support for a comprehensive and lasting Libyan-Libyan political solution among all parties, reiterating the need for a solution that preserves Libya’s unity and territorial integrity.

In a meeting with the UN envoy to Libya, Aboulaye Bathily, Ammar said Tunisia would continue to provide all the necessary support to the Libyan people and the UN in order to strengthen security, stability and development in Libya and the entire region.

In the meantime, Bathily reviewed with the tunisian Foreign Minister his talks with the various Libyan parties, officials from neighboring countries and international partners in order to advance the process and promote dialogue in a way that guarantees the holding of elections as soon as possible, hailing Tunisia’s constructive positions and its pivotal role in supporting the settlement process in Libya.


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