Tunisian President working on an initiative to resolve Libya’s crisis

The adviser of the Tunisian President, Rachida Al-Nifer, has reported President Kais Saied as saying that he is going to activate an initiative that aims at settling the Libyan crisis and achieving national reconciliation.

The adviser said in an interview on the state-owned TV channel on Saturday that the Tunisian President won’t hesitate in proposing initiatives that boost stability and security in the region, adding that Tunisia respects the international legitimacy.

In the meantime, international stakeholders are awaiting Berlin conference on Libya, as the Tunisian ambassador to Moscow Tariq bin Salim said Saturday that his country “doesn’t approve being snubbed from Berlin international conference” slated to be held in the upcoming period.

Russian news agency, Sputnik, reported bin Salim as saying that it is unacceptable to hold a conference on Libya without inviting Tunisia, saying the Libyan crisis affects Tunisia immensely and that his country is working on finding a solution to the conflict in cooperation with several countries, including Russia.

President Kais Saied said in his first meeting with the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj on December 10 that it was necessary to find a comprehensive solution to the conflict and preserve the interests of the Libyan people.

“Tunisia backs up democracy in Libya and supports the Libyan people as Tunis is directly affected by the crisis in there.” Saied added.


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