Turkey says it’s against Libya’s partition in principle and law

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Turkey has explained, through the spokesman of the presidency, that it is adamantly opposed to Libya’s partition, whether it in principle or by law.

Turkey’s presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin indicated on Wednesday that Ankara is absolutely against the breaking up of Libya, whether in reality, or on the map, or politically or geographically.

Kalin added during an interview with London-based CNN International that such a partition move would be a devastating scenario.

“We have seen similar cases in Iraq, in Syria, in other places. We should draw lessons from that.” The Presidential spokesman added.

Kalin said the Turkish government would continue to support the UN-recognized Government of National Accord, accusing Haftar of sowing “havoc” in Libya.

He added that Haftar had tried to push his way and was trying to divide Libya, or take control of Libya with no legitimacy at all, saying that Haftar had violated every single agreement, ceasefire, or peace process over the last two years.


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