Turkey urges Dbeibah’s government to work toward elections

Turkey has welcomed Libya’s parliament confidence in the Libyan Government of National Unity (GNU) of Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibeh, wishing him in a statement on Wednesday success in his upcoming task.

Turkey said it hopes that the new Libyan government will take rapid and concrete steps to provide public services, run the election process, unite institutions, and achieve comprehensive national consensus for the welfare of friendly and brotherly people of Libya.

“In this process, it will be particularly important to extend the powers of the new government to all regions of Libya.” The statement added.

Turkey reiterated that in this important period until the elections, all sections of Libya and the international community are invited to support the Government of National Unity in the construction of a democratic, stable and prosperous Libya.

The statemen added that Turkey will continue to stand by the people of Libya and provide all kinds of support to meet their expectations for welfare and peace.


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