Two million foreigners have entered Libya illegally, Interior Minister says

The Libyan Interior Minister, Emad Al-Trabelsi, says that two million foreign nationals have entered Libya illegally, adding that those foreigners are benefitting from the subsidized commodities sold to Libyans.

In a press conference on Monday, following the reopening of the Ras Ajdair border with Tunisia, Al-Trabelsi said this is a very challenging issue for Libya and must be resolved by the rule of law for the well-being of the Libyan citizens.

“We are ready as Interior Ministry to dispatch a force of 5000 police officers to secure the southern borders with Chad, Sudan and Niger. Illegal immigrants are entering in huge numbers and this must be stopped.” He remarked.

The Interior Minister also referred to the ongoing smuggling of foods and fuel from both Tripoli and Benghazi, saying a solution was needed now more than ever.


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