UN envoy hopes Libya’s oil ports will be reopened in coming days

The United Nations envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame said on Saturday that he hoped but eastern oil ports shut ahead of a pending Berlin conference would be reopened soon.

Salame told Reuters that he could not predict whether eastern oil ports shut by pro-Haftar forces would be reopened before the Berlin conference slated for Sunday.

He added that if the shutdown is not solved between today and tomorrow, he expects the issue to be raised in Berlin.

Loyalists to Khalifa Haftar closed on Friday Zueitina oil terminal and threatened to blockade oil exports at all oil terminals in the country.

UNSMIL has expressed deep concern over the current efforts to disrupt or impair oil production in Libya.

UNSMIL added that the shutdown will also have terrible knock-on effects for the country’s already deteriorated economic and financial situation.


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