UN envoy: Mercenaries should leave Libya ASAP

The UN envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, said the Government of National Unity (GNU) and its Presidential Council are expected to serve the Libyan people and put aside differences.

Kubis said in a joint press conference with the German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, that all Libyans had agreed on the necessity of evacuating all foreign forces and mercenaries from the country as soon as possible.

He indicated that the UN is monitoring the ceasefire agreement and reiterates the need for all parties and foreign stakeholders to abide by it, reaffirming that Berlin Conference committees will convene some meetings in the coming days for Libyan parties to discuss paving the way for general elections.

Libyan parties will be responsible for monitoring the ceasefire and the UN won’t intervene via its monitors on the ground, who will report to the Secretary General on their preliminary work and then the Security Council is going to decide on what kind of support will be provided to Libya.


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