Haq: UN envoy to Libya is in talks with all parties to reach solution by February’s end

The Deputy Spokesman for the UN Secretary General, Farhan Haq, has unveiled the UN envoy, Abdoulaye Bathily’s efforts, to reach a solution by the end of February via his inclusive talks with all the different parties in Libya.

Haq told Libya Al-Ahrar TV in an interview on Sunday that Bathily’s efforts targeted holding elections and the constitutional basis for the vote, saying the UN only supported elections without any other alternatives in Libya.

The UNSG’s Deputy Spokesman said Bathily needs to be supported in issues related to security, national reconciliation, withdrawal of foreign mercenaries and holding elections in Libya, hailing the role of the African Union, especially the Congolese President’s efforts.

Haq said that if the current efforts to reach a solution to the impasse failed, there would be some alternative solutions on the table, referring to the UN’s communication with various partners in Africa and elsewhere, which could allow the UN to lead a joint effort to make progress in Libya.

“We’re aware of all the initiatives that are being proposed by the Libyan Presidential Council as well as other political parties and we’re working to support those that help resolve the current deadlock in Libya.” Haq concluded.

On Monday, the UN envoy to Libya will give a briefing to the Security Council on political, security and humanitarian developments, followed by closed consultations on the situation in the country.


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