UN envoy to Libya says armed groups’ leaders should be part of peace and stability efforts

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, attended on Sunday in Sirte the meeting of the Joint Military Commission (JMC) 5+5 and announced the launching of joint work between the international ceasefire monitoring team and Libyan monitors in the city, commending the JMC’s plans to engage leaders of armed groups with UNSMIL’s facilitation in support of sustained peace and stability.

“The presence of both the UN and Libyan monitors here will enhance trust between both sides. It will allow us to move forward with the training and operationalization of Libyan ceasefire monitoring mechanisms.” Bathily said, according to a statement by UNSMIL.

Bathily stressed the importance of the security track in paving the way for a conducive political environment, and encouraged the JMC to move forward in implementing the ceasefire agreement, saying he had noticed that the JMC members speak with one voice, which he said was coming from their commitment toward their country.

Libyans need peace, stability, and legitimate institutions. They would like to see that the riches of their country are used for the benefit of all Libyan people.

“Let’s not talk West or East, let’s talk Libya.” He said, as JMC members articulated the urgent necessity of unifying the military and security institutions in Libya, believing this will accelerate solutions to the political crisis.

The first day of the JMC meeting covered several issues, including moving forward with the Libyan ceasefire monitoring mechanism and the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign fighters, jointly developed by Libyan and international monitors.

The JMC had an in-depth discussion to engage armed groups in view of creating a conducive environment for sustainable peace and security in Libya.

Bathily expressed UNSMIL’s readiness to support the Libyan ceasefire monitoring mechanism in preparation for the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign fighters. He said that the Libyan people expect a lasting solution to the prolonged crisis.


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