UN finds clandestine air-bridge between UAE and Haftar for arms supply

The United Arab Emirates has been operating a covert air-bridge to supply weapons to Khalifa Haftar and his forces in Libya, to help their offensive on Tripoli, in contravention of the United Nations arms embargo on Libya, according to a confidential UN report seen by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg revealed Friday that at least 37 flights in early January are being investigated by the UN panel of experts responsible for monitoring sanctions on Libya, citing the news from two diplomats briefed on the report that was presented to the Security Council this month.

“The flights were operated by a complex network of companies registered in the UAE, Kazakhstan, and the British Virgin Islands to disguise the delivery of military equipment.” The diplomats told Bloomberg.

It added that the UN panel found an increase in secret flights from Abu Dhabi and its airbase in Eritrea to airfields under the control of Haftar.

“Some of those flights, which transfer high volumes of weapons, were operated by two Kazakhstan operators.” According to the diplomats.

Bloomberg said the Security Council is not obligated to take any action based on the experts report but member states can refer it to their home countries for investigation.


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