UN report: Aircraft supporting or belonging to Haftar killed 53 immigrants in Tajoura

A report by the United Nations (UN) that has been issued today confirms that foreign aircraft supporting Khalifa Haftar or his forces’ aircraft are responsible for killing at least 53 immigrants at the Tajoura detention center in last July.

The report added on Monday that the second strike by Haftar’s aircraft or foreign craft in his support led to the killing of the immigrants, saying the detention center in Tajoura is a civilian target and is well known to all parties.

“All parties to the conflict knew the precise location and coordinates of the Tajoura Detention Center, which was previously hit by an airstrike in May 2019.” The report reads.

The report cites a previous UN report in last September, saying the Panel of Experts found evidence that several airstrikes by Haftar’s militias were taking off from AL-Khadim and Jufra airbases.

The report also said the airstrike could have been carried out by precisely-directed missiles from modern aircraft that are owned and operated by a UN Security Council member state supporting Haftar.

The Panel of Experts said the name of the country wouldn’t be publicized until material evidence or more photos are obtained.


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