“Unheard Voices of the Next Generation” book envisages a better future for Libya

Washington-based think tank, Transatlantic Leadership Network, along with Brookings Institution Press, will be publishing on December 09 a book on Libya titled [Unheard Voices of the Next Generation: Emergent Leaders in Libya].

The book comprises multifaceted opinions of different Libyan nationals who also don’t share a single political approach toward the ongoing Libyan crisis.

The editors of the book are Dr. Sasha Toperich and Dr. Ali Abusedra and the director and main author of the book.

According to one of the editors of the book, [Unheard Voices of the Next Generation: Emergent Leaders in Libya] attempts to offer an insight or understanding for the dynamic of Libya’s ongoing conflict, intending to present Libya as seen by a younger generation of leaders, which may help change the perspective of the situation.

The chapters of the book present Libya as seen by a next generation of leaders, ready to build peaceful, democratic, and inclusive institutions, according to the editors.

Using events in Libya’s recent history as a guide, the book authors envisage a better future for Libya, one in which the light of hard-fought liberty is preserved for generations to come.

Through the insights of professionals and experts, above all new Libyan voices, the editors say that this volume is testament of a bright and secured future for a beautiful and compelling country away from the military rule.

12 researchers have co-authored the book; namely: Dr. Nezar Krikish, Alaa AbouGhrara, Ghaith Alsanusi, Nizar Aswed, Amro Azouz, Muna Diaf, Mohamed Eldarsi, Fatimah Elfeitori, Khirya Erkhise, Fatma Hashad, and Rima Kalush.

One of the two book editors, Dr. Ali Abusedra contributed two articles to the book, in which he called for economic development by looking into the experiences of world economic zones, in addition to activating judiciary independence, as both of them are considered the cornerstone for the success of any aspired civilian state.

[Unheard Voices of the Next Generation: Emergent Leaders in Libya] will be available across the world starting December 09, 2020 on all major online platforms such as Amazon, Google books and Barnes & Nobles – both e-book and paperback. It will be distributed by Washington-based Brookings Institution Press.


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