Unidentified protesters assault Libya Alahrar TV crew in Tripoli

Libya Alahrar TV has denounced the assault against its media crew in Tripoli as they were covering the August 23 protests in the capital.

Alahrar TV said the crew members had obtained a permit from the Libyan Interior Ministry to cover the protests, but unidentified protesters came to them while preparing to go on air and tried to attack them. Some others protesters got in the way and managed to secure the crew and allowed them to cover the protests.

It added that the unidentified protesters came later and tried to assault the crew members, who complained to Interior Ministry personnel nearby. The Interior Ministry personnel asked Alahrar TV to leave for their safety as things were getting out of control.

Alahrar TV called on the Interior Ministry to investigate the incident and identify the persons who assaulted the crew and infiltrated the protests to turn them into pandemonium.

“We’ll remain the voice of all Libyans during these times as they speak against corruption and call for their just rights. We did so in the past during war and we;ll continue to do the same now.” Alahrar TV said in a statement Monday.


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