Unity Government dissolves Libyan Media Corporation headed by Mohammed Bayo

The Libyan Government of National Unity (GNU) has dissolved the Libyan Media Corporation that was headed by Mohammed Bayo, transferring in the same ordinance the affiliation of ten media agencies and apparatuses from the dissolved institution to the GNU and other Ministries as well as Awqaf and Fatwa authorities.

The GNU decision included dissolving the media studies and research center, Libya TV, Libya Al-Akhbariya TV, New Media Development Center, Al-Shorooq Radio and Libya Radio, instructing a committee to transfer all assets of the dissolved Libyan Media Corporation to the GNU and another committee to reintegrate employees as per their specialties in other public institutions.

The dissolved Libyan Media Corporation was established by the ex-Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, in September, with Mohammed Bayo as the Chairman, which was massively rejected by popular and official parties, not to mention the tensions caused by Bayo as the Manager of Libya Al-Rasmiyta TV, where he was accused of embezzling the channel’s funds that led to an Audit Bureau report calling for his dismissal.

Mohammed Bayo was the spokesman for the last government under Moammar Gaddafi before he was ousted by February revolution in 2011.


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