Unrest sweeps through Al-Zawiya city after man and wife’s killing

Coastl road in Al-Zawiya city has been blocked by sand barriers and burning tires in protest of the killing Salem Abdulmoala and his wife in Al-Harsha area, Libya Alahrar TV correspondent has reported. 

Abdulmoala and his wife were shot dead in front of a school in Al-Harsha area. Their two kids were seriously wounded and then sent to hospital. Reasons for the killing of the couple haven’t been revealed yet.

The commander of directorates support force in west Libya Ashraf Al-Harari told Alahrar TV that their units were investigating the killing of the couple and injury of their children. He said they were still monitoring the CCTV cameras in the area to identify the perpetrators. 

Dahaya (Victims) Organization for Human Rights condemned the killing of the couple Abdulmoala and Sarah Grimida, calling for bringing the perpetrators to justice. 


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