UNSMIL Deputy Head: Libya’s ceasefire is fragile and humanitarian conditions are deteriorating

The Deputy Head of the UNSMIL for Political Affairs Stephanie Williams said Sunday that the situation on the ground in Libya is very concerning and that the ceasefire is very fragile.

In a joint press conference with the German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, Williams said in Munich that the humanitarian situation in Libya has deteriorated, revealing that one out of every four Libyans is now affected by the conflict.

Williams added, after the meeting for the International Follow-up Commission for Libya, that they had discussed lifting the oil blockade and that Geneva talks are still ongoing.

“The first meeting for the commission will be held in ten days, hopefully.” Williams added.

Meanwhile, Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the International Follow-up Commission of Berlin conclusions had agreed that the UN Security Council resolution on Libya has become binding for all states and parties.

Maas added, in a presser on Sunday in Munich after the meeting for foreign ministers of countries which participated in Berlin conference on Libya, that they will pressure all Libya’s parties to commit to the UN Security Council resolutions, especially respecting the arms embargo that is suffering grave violations.

“We’re monitoring all of the routes that bring arms to Libya. We support any decisions that focus on the role of the European Union to guarantee no violations of the arms embargo take place.” He explained.

Munich hosted Sunday the first meeting for the International Follow-up Commission for the Berlin conference conclusions in the presence of many countries, including Russia, Turkey, France and Italy.


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