UNSMIL unveils candidates for Libya’s Presidential Council and Prime Minister positions

Following the closing of the one-week period on 28 January for the submission of nominations for the new Libyan executive authority positions, the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) announced Saturday night the list of candidates for the Presidential Council and Prime Minister positions.

24 candidates were registered by the UNSMIL for the positions of the Head and two deputies of the Libyan Presidential Council, including Khalid Al-Mishri, who is now the Head of the High Council of State, Salah Al-Namroush, who is currently the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) Defense Minister, and others from eastern and southern regions, including the current Speaker of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives, Aqila Saleh.

Likewise, 21 candidates will compete against one another for the position of Prime Minister, including the current GNA Interior Minister, Fathi Bashagha, current Presidential Council deputy Ahmed Maiteeq, and other nominees who also come from different regions, in addition to two women candidates.

UNSMIL explained in a statement that all candidates pledged to respect the LPDF Roadmap with regard to the preparatory period paving the way for the holding of national elections on December 24, 2021. 

“The candidates also pledged that should they be selected for the executive authority, they will present to the relevant oversight authorities a declaration of their own movable and immovable assets inside and outside of Libya, as well as those of their spouses and minor children.” UNSMIL further explained.

It added that the candidates pledged not to put themselves forward for elections at the end of the preparatory period and signed a legally-binding affidavit confirming their conformity to the existing Libyan nationality law. 

“With regard to candidates drawn from the military or judiciary authorities, the verification committee stipulated that their candidacies should conform with existing Libyan laws and regulations.” UNSMIL added.

UNSMIL said it will convene the full Libyan Political Dialogue Forum in Switzerland from 1 to 5 February for the voting process for the new temporary unified executive. 


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