US based center criticizes the international community’s policies towards Libya

The US based Wilson Center said that the international community needs to rethink its approach to Libya to confront what it called the many failures in its current approach.

The center considered that the international consensus towards Libya had faded, so that actors, including Russia, Italy, Turkey, and the United States, operate independently in the country and have their own agendas.

According to the center, actors are interested in Libya’s oil and gas resources and its position as a gateway to the African continent, and these competitions may stimulate stagnation because its status as fragile country makes it easier for actors to pursue their own agendas.

The center added that the political process in Libya is still stalled, and tensions between armed groups are high, creating an unstable environment, pointing to the undermining of the efforts of the resigned UN envoy, Abdullah Bathily.

The Center pointed out that there are many paths that the international community must consider, stressing that it is possible for the United Nations to continue in the same approach, but it is unlikely to reach different results any time soon.


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