US can push for fair elections in Libya: Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal said in an article on Tuesday that the solution in Libya is free and fair elections as well as the removal of all foreign forces.

The article says that the US has largely stayed out of Libyan affairs since the 2012 Benghazi debacle, but Washington can take responsibility by insisting on free and fair elections. 

“The US should be prepared to accept the outcome if elections prove fair. A good first step would be for Congress to pass the Libya Stabilization Act, which the House Foreign Affairs Committee approved in April. It would authorize the president to impose sanctions on any foreigner providing significant support to a militia or paramilitary group that threatens peace, exploits assets or natural resources, or violates human rights in Libya.” It added.

It also reiterated that the US President, Biden, shouldn’t repeat Obama’s mistake, and the election is his opportunity to help clean up the mess the U.S. left a decade ago.


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