US court rejects Haftar attorney’s call for immunity

The Head of the Libyan-American Alliance Esam Omeish said an East Virginia District Court judge had rejected the call for immunity by warlord Khalifa Haftar’s attorney in the lawsuits field at the country against him.

Omeish said Haftar’s defense attorney provided the court with a document from the Libyan military and criminal laws that prohibit giving away secrets of the state as a method to sway the judges to the defendant’s side, saying the document was issued by the Libyan Government of National Unity.

Omeish explained that the court confirmed that the Government of National Unity or its Defense Ministry wasn’t the entity that sent the document used by Haftar’s defense, adding that the judged ordered the compulsory attendance of Haftar at the court to answer the plaintiff’s questions or he would be subject to default sentencing.

Haftar’s attorney told the court in Virginia, where Haftar and his family own lots of properties, that the Government of National Unity’s official stance is to prohibit Haftar from telling state military secrets at the court in the US, using the decision of the Head of the Presidential Council as the Chief Commander of the Libyan Army that bans military officers from travelling or appearing on media outlets without prior permission.


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