US Department of State stresses the need for holding Libya’s elections without delay

The United States’ (US) Department of State has reaffirmed that it is regularly communicating with Libyan leaders to reiterate the need for national unity and consensus on a track that leads to holding elections without further delay. 

The spokesman of the Department of State, Ned Price, told Libya Al-Ahrar TV Channel in an interview on Thursday that Washington would continue to support the Libyan people as they strive to achieve the goals of the democratic revolution they started over a decade ago. 

“Libyan leaders are responsible for finding a solution to the political impasse and completing the political transition in the country.” Price explained. 

Commenting on the agreement between the Head of High Council of State and Speaker of the House of Representatives, Price said Washington had a clear message that was based on the public desires of the Libyan people who wish to see a political agreement that leads to stability, unity and a roadmap to credible elections that can be implemented on the ground. 

The spokesman of the US Department of State, speaking about the people involved in Lockerbie bombing, said they were working with the Department of Justice to get more insight into the “PAN AM 103” flight, adding that he couldn’t give more information at this point. 


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