US embassy makes changes to certain visas for Libyans

The US embassy in Libya announced on Wednesday a change in the visa reciprocity standards for certain Libyan and US visas, saying in a statement that Libyan and US nationals who meet the criteria for regular business or tourist visas will now receive a one-year multiple entry visa, a significant change from the current visa validity of three months with a singly entry. 

“As part of this reciprocity update, the visa fees have now been standardized and reciprocity fees have been completely removed for Libyan citizens.” The US embassy’s statement added. 

It indicated that students from both countries who qualify for a student visa will now receive multiple entry visas valid for one year whereas previously a single-entry visa was issued.

The embassy added that those significant visa changes would help facilitate legitimate travel for diplomatic, educational, cultural, and business purposes and more importantly deepen people-to-people bonds between the two countries.


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