US federal court to rule against Haftar if he fails to attend hearing

The Head of the Democracy and Human Rights Foundation, Emadeddin Muntasser, has indicated that a US federal judge had rejected Khalifa Haftar attorney’s request to interrogate the parties who supported Al-Zagali family case against him.

Muntasser said the US federal judge said she would rule against Haftar if he failed to attend hearing and, expecting that the case wouldn’t reach the jury.

He also said the US court warned of some anti-Haftar parties could use the case for political propaganda and eventually lead to appealing jury decisions.

Muntasser indicated that Haftar’s attorney didn’t explain his client’s position regarding Monday hearing, while victims’ lawyers complained about the prolongation and overuse of their resources by Haftar.

Muntasser reiterated that the attorneys of the victims of the three lawsuits against Haftar attended the hearing along with Haftar’s defense team, adding that the interrogation points of both sides of the lawsuit were explained, in addition to the claims of Haftar’s defense that Al-Zagali family case was used by some parties for political aims.


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