US & French diplomatic delegations discuss situation in Libya

The diplomatic delegations of the United States and France in Libya held a meeting to discuss the most recent developments in the country.

The United States delegation to Libya, which is still based temporarily in Tunisia, was headed by the US Special Envoy and Ambassador, Richard Norland, who attended the meeting with his deputy, Jeremy Berndt. The French delegation included the French President’s Special Envoy to Libya, Paul Soler, accompanied by the French Ambassador to Libya, Mustafa Maharaj.

The two sides discussed the political situation in Libya and expressed their support for the mediation of the UNSMIL chief Abdallah Bathily and the proposal of establishing a unified technocrat government responsible for holding elections.

The meeting also touched on the outcomes of the 6+6 electoral committee whose efforts were praised by the attendees of the meeting, in addition to addressing the developments regarding the newly established High Finance Committee.

Prior to this meeting, the two delegations had met separately with top state officials from Libya, expressing their support for state institutions in their efforts towards achieving stability and development in Libya.

Source: US Embassy in Libya


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