US urges for demilitarized solution for Sirte, Jufra and immediate reopening of Libya’s oil sector

The United States said in a statement Tuesday it was deeply troubled by the escalating conflict in Libya, adding that the White House is strongly opposed to foreign military involvement, including the use of mercenaries and private military contractors, by all sides. 

“The ongoing efforts of foreign powers to exploit the conflict – for example, by establishing an enduring military presence or exerting control over resources that belong to the Libyan people – pose grave threats to regional stability and global commerce.”The  National Security Adviser Ambassador Robert C. O’Brien said.

O’Brien said these efforts undermine the collective security interests of the United States and our allies and partners in the Mediterranean region, adding that escalation will only deepen and prolong the conflict.

“Over the past weeks, President Trump has spoken with several world leaders about Libya, and it is clear there is no “winning” side.  Libyans can win only if they come together to reclaim their sovereignty and rebuild a unified country.” The National Advisor said.

He added that as an active, but neutral, actor, the United States is pursuing a 360 degree diplomatic engagement with Libyan and external stakeholders across the conflict  to find a solution that supports Libyan sovereignty and protects the shared interests of the United States, our allies, and partners.

The statement added that Washington calls on all parties – both those responsible for the current escalation and those working to end it – to enable the National Oil Corporation to resume its vital work, with full transparency, and to implement a demilitarized solution for Sirte and Al-Jufra, respect the UN arms embargo, and finalize a ceasefire under the UN-led 5+5 military talks.


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