US voices support for reconciliation and elections in Libya

The embassy of the United States (US) in Libya commended the political progress that took place under UN auspices in recent months, saying Washington looks forward to the renewed opportunity to build a sovereign, unified, secure, and stable Libya that is accountable to its citizens.

The embassy added, in a statement congratulating Libyans on the 10th anniversary of the 17 February revolution, the US will continue to support the Libyan-led process toward reconciliation and elections on December 24.

The US embassy added that it would also back up the full implementation of the Libyan ceasefire agreement, including the withdrawal of foreign forces and mercenaries.

“On the 10th anniversary of the February 17th revolution, we recognize and support the Libyan people’s right to determine the future of their country and to demand good and transparent governance and respect for human rights.” The embassy indicated.


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