US warns of preemptive attacks by the two conflict parties in Libya

The US embassy said in a statement published on Facebook that it had noted with concern credible reports that significant military actions are being contemplated by forces affiliated with both the Government of National Accord (GNA) and Khalifa Haftar in the near future.

The US embassy added that such actions, whether offensive or preemptive in nature, would violate the understandings reached in Berlin.

“We call on the parties and on their external supporters to carefully consider the risks inherent in such actions, and to redouble support for the UN-facilitated security dialogue that is meeting in Geneva in an effort to agree on a lasting ceasefire.” The US embassy added on Saturday.

In the meantime, Itamilradar website, which is specialized in monitoring military aircraft, said Saturday it had depicted and tracked a flight from UAE to Benghazi.

Itamilradar said the Zetavia Ilyushin Il-76TD (UR-CIG) departed from Aqaba, Jordan, after a brief stop, adding that it departed initially from Abu Dhabi Friday night around 05:00 CET.

The website added that this is the third flight in three days on this route for the Ilyushin aircraft, which is known as a military cargo plane.

It added that it didn’t know the nature of the flight, but the suspicion is that those flights carry arms and ammunition to Libya, effectively violating the UN embargo which, at the moment, seems to be not respected by either party in the conflict.


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