Washington renews its support for Libya in confronting the effects of floods

The US Government has announced that Assistant Secretary of State, Anne Witkowski, had visited Tripoli on October 10, accompanied by US Special Envoy Richard Norland.

During her meeting with the Presidential Council and local officials, Witkowski expressed her condolences for the victims of the Derna floods, assuring that her country stands with Libya in dealing with this tragedy. She also affirmed her support for Libya for peace and democratic transition, urging progress towards stability and national reconciliation.

The visit comes at a time when Libya is grappling with the aftermath of devastating floods that have claimed thousands of lives and left many more injured. The United States has pledged to provide an initial $1 million in humanitarian assistance to help meet the most immediate needs. The US Agency for International Development (USAID) has also activated a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) to lead the US government’s humanitarian response.

The visit highlights the importance of international cooperation in addressing global challenges such as natural disasters.


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