Why military portfolio returns to the top again?

The military issue is floating on the top with different quarrels and arguments, especially after the army committee 5+5 called for freezing the military agreements with other countries.

Reacting to 5+5 committee calls, the High State Council (HSC) announced that the committee should do its job not to talk about political affairs.

The HSC added that the Roadmap protects any agreements with other countries from the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF).

In its Sunday statement, the HSC stated that the security and border agreements signed by the Government of National Accord (GNA) are still fortified according to the outcomes of the Political Agreement.

In another context, on Sunday, the Presidential Council (PC), as the Army Supreme Commander, decided to establish a new military region for the western coast.

The PC appointed General Salah Namroush as a commander in the region. Also, the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdul-Hamid Dbaiba, promoted three military officers to General rank on Sunday without appointing them in any specific positions.

From their side, the PC members Moussa Al-Kony and Abdullah Allafi had visited the military parade in the Anti-Terrorism Force (ATF) that defeated Daesh in Sirte in 2016.In his speech during the parade, Al-Kony stressed that the ATF is affiliated with the military institution, adding that this force will soon start protecting the Libyan borders.

From his side, Allafi said that the PC is ready to support the ATF in its mission by opening new branches in all other areas in Libya.

A security expert said that all these decisions and movements reflect military controversies after the war criminal, General Khalifa Haftar, announced that he wouldn’t accept any authority over him.

It is worth mentioning that Haftar announced last week that his troops wouldn’t obey any authority; he also promoted some of his military officers illegally.

The PC rejected Haftar’s announcement because he is not authorized to do so.The expert said that the 5+5 committee’s decision to expel the mercenaries and the foreign forces is illegal. He added that the committee’s job is only to implement the ceasefire procedure.

Observers say that the controversies will not cause any military conflicts, but it would only obstruct the negotiations between Turkey and Russia to withdraw their forces from Libya.


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