Williams: “Political Dinosaurs” in Libya risk being extinct

The UN acting envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams has expressed little hope in the political class that has been in the scene in Libya since after the revolution of February 2011, saying just like dinosaurs were extinct, the Libyan “political dinosaurs” risk being extinct from the scene if they don’t become relevant to the ongoing negotiations.

Williams made the remarks in a presser on Sunday after the end of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum meetings in Tunisia without agreement on the names of occupants of Presidential Council members and Government incumbents, pushing the dualogue a week further to be held virtually.

The analogy made by Williams came after the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum participants carried out a vote to exclude all persons who had held official positions in Libya since 2014, however; the vote got less percentage than the 75% it needed as 45 voted Yes and 29 voted No, and one participant abstained from voting.

The voting and the deliberations saw rumors of bribes, as Williams addressed the issue by saying if such a thing had happened, the UNSMIL would definitely investigate it and those found guilty could be subject to international sanctions as they would be considered obstructionists to this dialogue.


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