Williams to Libya Alahrar: Haftar has approved ceasefire, departure of mercenaries

The UN acting envoy to Libya Stephanie Williams has said that warlord Khalifa Haftar approves the results of the talks of the 5+5 military commission and the ceasefire agreement in Geneva as well as the follow-up points of agreement in Ghadames.

Williams told Libya Alahrar TV in an exclusive interview on Saturday that Haftar had agreed to the demand of withdrawing military forces from the lines of contact in Sirte and Jufra, adding that his representatives and those of the Government of National Accord were the ones who requested the departure of foreign elements and mercenaries as a precondition to any agreement.

The UN acting envoy added that she expects the participants of the political dialogue in Tunisia to carry on with the same spirit of national interest as was shown in the military track, adding that the final agreement of the upcoming November 9th dialogue should clearly point to the departure of mercenaries and foreign elements from Libya.

Williams indicated that Sirte will be the headquarters of the 5+5 military commission and the subcommittees that will be overseeing the departure of forces and mercenaries in coordination with the policing forces under the Interior Ministry of the GNA, which will eventually take over security of the city and surrounding areas including Jufra when all elements have left.

The acting Head of the UNSMIL explained that the political dialogue forum in Tunisia will see the participants discussing agreement on a roadmap that leads Libyans to elections based on a consensual constitutional framework so that the crisis of legitimacy is resolved in the country.

She pointed out that the dialogue will discuss the selection of new authorities, especially executive one that will tackle the provision of necessary services to the Libyan people and then the unification of state institutions, denying any intentions for creating a long interim period in Libya again as the country has already suffered a few of transitional phases since 2011.

She also said that any upcoming inclusive settlement in Lib ya must have conditions of accountability for the crimes that have been committed in the country over the last years of conflict.

Williams indicated that the UNSMIL has no capacity to overstep on or ignore the work of the Constitution Drafting Assembly, adding that they had received the assembly’s messages and that the dialogue participants will discuss the constitutional framework because they include experts on constitutional issues.

The Libyan Political Dialogue Forum is slated for Monday – November 09 – in Tunisian’s capital; Tunis. 75 Libyan participants are attending the dialogue and are excepted to reach an agreement on the upcoming shape and composition of the new government, presidential council and other authorities in the country ahead of elections.


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