Winer explains US policy for stability in Libya

The ex-envoy of the United States (US) to Libya, Jonathan Winer, has said that the essence of US efforts to achieve stability in Libya begins with democracy and elections, and includes unifying institutions as well as using natural resources and wealth for the benefit of the Libyan people in a comprehensive manner.

Winer added to Al-Jazeera Net that this essence is reflected in the four principles in which the US has defined its strategy to prevent conflicts and promote democracy.

Winer explained that the principles of the US are summed up in enabling the Libyan people to choose their leaders, which requires holding elections, in addition to integration between east, west and south, to protect Libya itself from its security and economic weaknesses.

He added that Libya needs to monopolize the use of force over its government under the rule of law, pointing out that the unified army, the national border control system, and local police forces subject to civilian rule are all natural elements in any normal government and country.

He also pointed to Libya’s need to manage its revenues in a manner characterized by reasonable efficiency, and to resist corruption that undermines the legitimacy of any government that embraces it, as well as undermines public confidence in any country in which corruption becomes an essential factor in the daily life of consumers and companies alike.

He indicated that Washington seeks to “urge Libyan leaders to cooperate with United Nations efforts to achieve a unified political process leading to elections by the end of the year.”


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