Derna representatives in the HCS demand a government report following the flood tragedy

Members of the High Council of State representing the city of Derna, have requested the head of the Audit Bureau and the head of the Administrative Control Authority, to submit a report on what the Government of National Unity (GNU) has accomplished to support the city of Derna, which was hit by Storm Daniel.

The HCS members requested in a letter that the report include the government’s expenditures allocated for relief efforts, waste removal, and maintenance of damaged buildings and facilities.

The members representing Derna (Mansour Al-Hasadi, Hassan Setita, and Safwan Al-Masouri) stressed the need for the report to include expenses for shelter and temporary housing operations, rent allowance, and a grant for citizens who lost their source of income.

The letter stressed that the report should also include what the government has allocated to the stalled infrastructure projects in the city, such as roads, bridges, water and electricity networks as well as educational and health services and reconstruction facilities.

The city of Derna was hit by a flood last September, which led to widespread destruction in the city center and the death of thousands of its residents.


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