Nine years ago, Libya Al-Ahrar was created to cover the war of liberation moment in and moment out so that it becomes the first platform for Libyans to keep posted about the news and details of their revolution.

Alahrar disappeared for a while and disavowed itself from a complicated conflict, which perplexed all Libyan ordinary citizens, and Alahrar itself.

After seven years, Libya Alahrar returns with a new design and Libyan youths as well as patriotic figures who have been divided by politics for a while but are reunited at their first channel…Libya Alahrar… the family house.

Al-Ahrar features a blue design for its audiences, blue that is magical like the sea with its letters engraved on spectacular mountains and hills as it hopes to be a platform that brings together Libyans not divides them.

Libya Al-Ahrar, a house that accommodates Libyans with all their backgrounds.

The headquarters is in Istanbul, Turkey, and additional studios are located in Libya.

Suliaman Dougha is the General Manager and the channel engulfs around 150 employees working to provide exposure to Libyans different opinions.