The historical quarter of Derna faces the danger of demolition

The residents of the “Old City” area of Derna denounced the demolition of undamaged homes in the neighborhood without informing them.

In a letter addressed to the head of the recently established Libya Development and Reconstruction Fund, the locals condemned the decision to evacuate the area and expropriate property from the property owners, declaring their rejection of the value of the compensation allocated to them.
The people of the Old City explained that the announced compensation is not in line with the laws regulating the issue of expropriation for public benefit, which require that it be in exchange for fair compensation.

According to sources from the city of Derna, the compensation provided to the residents of the old city is limited to the area of the land only, without including the buildings that were on it, as the property owner receives 500 dinars per square meter, while its market value reaches more than 3 thousand dinars per square meter.

The Old City is located in the center of Derna and covers an area of approximately 1,000 square meters. It includes many historical monuments, such as the Atiq mosque, the Jewish sanctuary, the Derna church, the Dhalam Market, the Hamra Piazza and the Farda Market.


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